ইংরেজী সাহিত্যের আদ্যোপান্তঃ ১ম আংশ

1. The Old English Period – The Anglo Saxon Period(450-1066)
2. The Renaissance Period – 1500 to 1660.
3. The Italian word “Renaissance” means – Re birth or Re again.
4. It started in Italy – in 1453. but its effect on English life and literature was felt in 1500.
5. The Elizabethan Age – is the most glorious age of Renaissance period in English literature.
6. It is called “The golden Age and – A nest of singing birds” of Englisg literature.
7. The Father of English Poetry – Jeoffrey Chaucer.
8. “The Tempest” & “The Mid Summer Night’s Dream” – Comedy (W. Shakespeare).
9. “To be or not to be” that is the – question.
10. Shakespeare is known mostly – for his Plays.
11. “Comedy of Humorus” is connected with a – Medical Theory.
12. Shakespeare was died in – 1616.
13. He was called – The bird of Avon.
14. Francis Bacon is – an Essayist.
15. He was called – Father of English Prose.
16. Paradise Lost – an Epic poem (written by John Milton).
17. “Paradise Lost” attemped to – Justify the ways of God to Man.
18. The English Epic poet – John Milton.
19. “Lycidas” & “Paradise Regained” was written by – John Milton.
20. A Lexicographer is a person who writes – Dicrionaries.
21. The first Englisg Dictionary writer – Samuel Johnson.
22. The father of English novel – Henry Fielding.
23. “Tom Jones” was written by – Henry Fielding.
24. Jonathan Swift is the most famous – Satirist in English Literature.
25. Gullivers Travel was written by – Jonathan Swift.
26. Mock heroic poet in English literature – Alexander Pope (was written by – Rape of the Lock).
27. To err is human, to forgive is divine – Alexander Pope.
28. Patriotism & Ivan Hoe was written by – Sir Walter Scott.
29. Robinson Crusoe – Daniel Defoe.
30. The literary work “Kubla Khan” is – A verse by Coleridge.
31. Blake – was a both poet & a painter.
32. The poet of Nature of English Literature – William Wordsworth.
33. The poet of Beauty – John Keats.
34. John Keats is a – Romantic poet.
35. He was known as a man of Medicine.
36. Romantic Period was – 1798 to 1832.
37. “Ode to Autumn”, “Ode on a Grecian Urn” & “Ode to a Nightingle” was written by – John Keats.
38. P.B Shelley was called – Revolutionary poet.
39. Ode to the West Wind, To a Skylark & Ozymandias – P.B Shelley.
40. W. Wordsworth Inspired by the – French Revolution.
41. Solitary Reaper, The Daffodils, The Lucky poem & Prelude(verse) – w. wordsworth.
42. The Rime of the Ancient Mariner – Samuel Taylor Coleridge.
43. Robert Browning was a poet of – Victorian Period.
44. Victorian Period was – 1832 to 1901.
45. Andrea del Sarto, The Patriot & Rabbi Ben Ezra – Robert Browning.

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