Noun এর উপর যেসব প্রশ্ন বিভিন্ন পরীক্ষার মধ্যে এসেছিল | BCS Study

Noun এর উপর যেসব প্রশ্ন বিভিন্ন পরীক্ষার মধ্যে এসেছিলঃ
Concession is a __?
Ans:- Noun (31 BCS)
— is not only thing that tourists want to see.(24 BCS)
Ans:- Scenery.
What kind of noun is girl?? (10 BCS)
Ans:- common noun
What kind of noun is “cattle”?
Ans:- collective noun.
Which one is common noun truth/victory/bank/length? ?
Ans:- Bank.

Which one Is collective noun june/team/month/envelope? ?
Ans:- team.
what types of noun kindness ??
Ans:- Abstract Noun.
The word gold is a _ Noun? ?
Ans material noun.
What kind of Speech is ‘Go’ ??
Noun. Sanaullah Ansary
Generalization is a___?
Ans:- Noun. (21 BCS)
Frequency is a __?
Ans : (Noun 25 Bcs)
Noun of the word” brief”??
Ans :- Brevity

Which of the noun of “very”?
Ans :- Variety
Which of the noun of “waste”??
Ans :- Wastage (12 BCS)

Pronoun থেকে বিভিন্ন প্রতিযোগীতামূলক পরীক্ষায় যেভাবে প্রশ্ন হয় :-
Each of the sons followed — father’s trade. (33rd BCS)
Ans:- his.
I have read the book — you lent me. (24th BCS)
Ans: that
Tell me — that.
Ans: who told you
who, which, what are _? (15 BCS)
Ans:- interrogative Pronoun
A word that takes the place of noun is called_? Pubali bank 05
Ans :- Pronoun.

one should be careful about __ duty?
Ans :- one’s (23 BCS )
The man __ stole my bag was tall.
Ans :- who (26 BCS)
My uncle has three sons, _ work in the same office.
Ans:- all of whom (15 BCS)
Many market is the __ inter bank borrowing and landing takes place,
Ans :- where (Jamuna bank 09)
‘I cut myself”.Here myself is..?
Ans : Reflexive Pronoun
which one of the reflexive Pronoun? ?
Ans :- himself.
Which is demonstrative Pronoun?
Ans:- those (10 শিক্ষক নিবন্ধন)
( যদি টাইপিং মিস্টেক হয়, ক্ষমা প্রার্থী)

পুনরায় দেখতে নিজের টাইমলাইনে শেয়ার করে রাখুন

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